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GFTA-3 Record Forms

Nancy Castilleja is a senior Product Manager for speech and language products, including PLS-5.

I just ordered a new package of GFTA-3 Record Forms and they look different from the ones described in the Manual! Did the norms change also?

We received a lot of feedback from clinicians who found the layout of the GFTA-2 Record Form easier to use than the GFTA-3 layout.

The new form includes the sound analysis tables and the Phoneme Emergence and Mastery tables that you can use to map the child’s performance and assist you in interpreting developmental considerations and explaining GFTA-3 test results to administrators and parents. Information about completing the new form and interpreting results can be found online. There were no changes to the normative scores.

For more information about correctly interpreting GFTA-3 results, view our live webinar on September 15th or listen to the recording posted on the website one week later.

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