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Evidence-based Practice Briefs

EBP Briefs

Since its beginning in 2006, EBP Briefs seeks to answer some of the biggest questions of your daily professional activities, supported with evidence and written practically and efficiently for you by leaders in speech-language pathology and related disciplines. One of the goals of EBP Briefs is to allow you to read and implement easily.

In addition, for those who want a deeper, conversational look at the subject matter of an article, some articles have an informal “Author Chat” between the editor and author. The Author Chat is a brief, 10-15 minute interview with the author to ask follow-up and extension questions about the clinical area.

As always, we are interested in your feedback on EBP Briefs in general and are also looking to you to help identify specific questions you would like us to explore in upcoming EBP Briefs. Thank you in advance!

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