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GFTA-3 Record Forms

Question: I just ordered a new package of GFTA-3 Record Forms and they look different from the ones described in the Manual! Did the norms change also? Answer: We received a lot of feedback from clinicians who found the layout … Continue reading

FAQ by Donna Geffner

Question: What do you think about early identification of Auditory Processing Disorders (APD)? Answer: A few recent articles have been published: Lucker JR (2015). How young is too young to evaluate children for auditory processing disorders. Canadian Audiologist, 2 (5). … Continue reading

Summer “Work:” Ponder Your Screening Programs

Ok, it’s summer. No one wants to think about the fall and going back to school. I get it. But here’s the thing: summer is a perfect time to plan and to reflect on your work. One of my favorite … Continue reading

Autism question

Question: I am doing a language assessment for a 5 year old boy diagnosed with autism. I plan to interview the parents and observe the child to obtain a language sample, but I’m not sure whether I should administer a … Continue reading

Use of Review360 for SLPs in Wider Applications

Q. Could you use Review360 for SLPs in wider applications outside your caseload? A. Yes. Data collection, in general, is relatively universal. You might choose to use Review360 for SLPs with students on your caseload or those you are supporting … Continue reading

Welcome to our Connections Learning® colleagues!

Q: What is the Pearson Connections Learning business? A: Connections Learning® by Pearson is a division of Connections Education®, an accredited provider of high-quality, highly accountable virtual education solutions for students in grade K–12. Q. How do SLPs fit into … Continue reading

Retesting Considerations circa 2016

Question: We often are asked, what is an appropriate or optimal time interval before a child can be retested with the same language assessment tool? Answer: There isn’t a standard for an "optimal" time interval for retesting. There are some … Continue reading

Accounting on time limit for test items in CELF-5 Metalinguistics

Question: In the CELF-5 Metalinguistics administration instructions, it gives a time limit for each test. For example, in the “Making Inferences” test, it says “Allow 15 seconds for each part of the test items”. If the client takes more than … Continue reading

Marking distortions of speech sounds as errors

Your favorite Ron Goldman Story

Thousands of us knew him. Most of us could come up with at least one story connecting him to our lives in some way. Virtually 100% of us were influenced by him and his work, directly or indirectly. We said … Continue reading